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Monday, 1 April 2013

| Gift of Love |

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He is a gift from Allah

The Gift of Love

A note from The Most Merciful

- Appriciate My gift
- Cherish My gift
- Function of the gift :

i. will listen to anything you want,
( as you crying deeply to Me every night, keep asking Me question, n you prefer a direct respond, here he is ^^ ) I hope u like him.

ii. will share anything with you (according to My rules), will cherish you n encourage you in life.

iii. will always advising you to make you sure on doing good or bad things.

iv. will love you as you are. <3

v. make your heart in peace.. ^^

vi. will try his best to be there whenever you need him. (but still, I'm Always The Nearest to both of you)

vii. He can make your life like the rainbow's color, you will experience them all. Happy, Sad, Angry, Weird, you name it all ^^

Well some Disadvantage from My gift :

i. Will test you (iman)
ii. somehow he can make you forgot about Me so be careful
iii. The duration of 'borrowing' to this gift is unspecified
iv. Status : Only Me knows whats best for you ^^
v. I will take him back if you dont want him anymore.

My commision,
Dont cry anymore, n cheer up ^^ have a full of smile n enjoy your life with my gift, please handle him with care, and yeah, Dont forget about Me..

..Sekian...Syukran Jazilan for reading.

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