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Friday, 27 September 2013

| Don't judge me ! |

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Judging ? People always like to judging before they know . Oh why ? *sigh ~

Maybe from the way we talk , the way we walk , the way we eat and all "the way" we do -_- Oh but do you know behind my name ? Did you know behind my smile there is a story that you never know . Oh friend , well judging people doesn't mean you perfect easily .
Let's Allah judge me , not you . You can advice me , but you can't judge me and spread all the bad rumor about me ! Maybe you think bad about me but did you ever ask me ? Did you ever know me ? *Sigh again -_-

This picture has nothing to do with this entry :3

 What will you do if people judge you the way you judge me ? The way you judge mE. As we know , all people like to judge other but why ? Why must judge before you know them ?
It is funny to judge people ? Please mind yourself . You may spread bad rumor which it not true and yet you got sins from what have you done . So better watch out dear :)
I'm just not only reminding people but also reminding myself . As a human , we need to give advice in order to improve ourself too right :)

JazakumuAllah hu Khairan for reading this.
May We All In The Grace of God

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