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Monday, 9 June 2014

| Don't Sight |

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Hello's everyone. Let's start our day with bismillah & end with alhamdulillah.

Don't sigh when do something. It's just a test has given by Allah. Remember that Allah won't put us in a situation we can't handle. He knows we are strong enough to face the tests. That's why He gives us the test. So who we are to against Him? We are just a slaves. In the end, we will return to Him.

When we're sigh,

"Hmphh, I'm so tired..."
Allah replied; "WE made the night for rest and sleep and the day to rise again seeking the bounty of your lord." [78;9]

When we're sigh,

"Beratnya dugaan ini.. I couldn't bear these trials.."
Allah replied; "Allah doesn't charge a soul except (with that within) its capacity." [2:286]

When we're sigh,

"Ergh, I am depressed!

"Allah replied; "Verily, in the remembrance of Allah the hearts find their rest." [13:28]

When we're sigh,

"No matter what I do, it's probably useless."
Allah replied; "So whoever does an atoms weight of good will see it." [99:7]

When we're sigh,

"Nobody understand me. Nobody listens to me. Nobody helps me. :("
Allah replied; "Call upon Me, I will respond to you." [40:60]

When we're sigh,

"I feel so sad.. I need someone to count my tears.."
Allah replied; "La tahzan, inallaha ma'ana. Be not sad. Surely, Allah is with us." [9:40]

When you're in trouble, always remember that Allah is always with you.

Verily, the help of Allah is near. But how near are you to Allah?

Death is always chasing us and we are running from it.. But when Allah Taa'la wants, it will catch us at any time or place.

Let's, improve our faith and become a better servant of Allah.

JazakumuAllah hu Khairan for reading this.
May We All In The Grace of God

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