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Monday, 9 June 2014

| How to stop doing same sins repeatedly? |

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Who isn't sad when repeatedly commit them same mistakes over and over again after being determined to change. Who isn't stressed when spinning the same mistakes though was determined not to repeat again. Who did not cry when the sin which we have been able to leave it in quite some time, we finally defeated and repeat the sin. ☹

Who is sad and crying about it? Once we have the heart of life, if we have faith even a single bit, definitely being sad, depressed, anxious, nervous, despondent and regret haunt our minds! (>'.'<)

But until when?!?!

Until when? How long do we want to repeat that we hate sins, for how long we want to stay jailed in pressure sin and evil? Until when, O friend..!

Writing this, I write with a sense of guilt, with the hope that my own sin is free from the prison ordeal, with the hope of that the writer can provide some guidance, spirit, strength, inspiration, understanding, confusion and obstacles that occur to those who STRIVE to CHANGE.

I write with tears falling down on my cheek. I am really hoping all of us can please Allah. I have seen with my eyes how people love and trust Allah, can turn out to be "weird" and proud of committing sins.. Oh... I was sad and I cried!

I will try to explain you these things one by one, little by little and more detail..

3 important points that we will soak up.
1) The extent of repentance.
2) The law of ourselves.
3) Do not commit overt sin.

How extent your repentance?

A lot of people asking, spilling out, wondering, being disturbed, sad, and becoming weak when thinking about this...

"Does Allah will accept my repentance if I still repeat my sins?"

Feeling guilty is surrounded around the people. Various types of questions as proposed to calm the agitated heart. Among the questions asking me makes me speechless:

"Ukhti, I really want to change, and I had the intention to change. I always regretted of my sins, but the problem is, I still can not change! As if there was nothing to stop me .."
"Ukhti, I have vowed to not want to repeat my sins, but I lost..."
"Ukhti, how do we want to strip the dirty things in our minds..?"
"Ukhti, how to stay away from sins? Tell me. I will try to change your guidance.."
"Ukhti, if we do not shed tears of repentance, does our repentance are not sincere?"
"Ukhti, I always commit sin, then repent, then I repeat the sin and repent. But I can not take it anyome and repeat the sins again, then turned back. Does Allah will accept my repentance?"

And so on...

O friends.. How extent your repentance that really sincere? What is the meaning of repentance? I want to explain about repentance from several angles. I hope we really understand, appreciate, and feel that Allah is ever Forgiving.

1) Repentance means we feel guilty of sins, repent, ask for forgiveness and resolve not to repeat the error. That's 3 pillars of repentance. Guilt, ask for forgiveness, and committed we not want to commit the sins repeatedly.

2) But as far as we are sincere in repentance? We can just pray and du'a:

"O Allah, I'm sorry for committing sins and I regret. So.. please forgive me. I and determined not to repeat my sins over and over again!"

But the fact is, in the corner of our hearts, the du'a is nothing but posing no slightest regret and repent. Sincerity in repentance only the knowledge of Allah and ourselves! If we are sincere, the feeling of conscious would come! Crying is one of the proofs we are honest with our regret.

Not just that, feelings of regret is eventually cause us to do all possible to leave the sins that we regret. If that happens, then that's our sincere repentance.

3) After we repent with sincerely but NEGLIGENCE OF OUR WEAKNESS unimpossible for us to slip and fall again into the same hole. However, if we are SINCERE in our first repentance, He will forgive us in advance, and for the sin which we have just made, we need to repent again. If we are defeated again, then repent again. Allah is a Forgiver.

But sincerity cannot pretend and act!

4) It should be understood, we're weak and humiliated! Sometimes, we fall again into the same hole after repent. We fall in the same hole does not mean we are insincere in our repentance before. But this is because of our weakness, we fall in the same hole even before this we had realized.

If things like this happen (already repent, caused the weakness, we repeat the same sins and blah blah blah..) Hence, we have to repent over and over again every time we commit sin. Do not give up! Once we despair, it means the devil successful influence us. But Allah will never weary to forgive us no matter how bad we are!

That's Allah's Forgiver. But, do not take advantage of! However, it has been said by Ibn Qayyim:

"The most foolish man is the one who knows Allah is ever Forgiving. Hence, he made ​​that excuses for him to commit sins."

We don't know when we die. Once, we died when committing sins. Pewh. Once, we died when we are not repent yet.. big mistake! And that's why.. do not delay repent, if could, after reading this entry, please repent! o(╥﹏╥)o

But remember, repentance can not act. It issues HEART. People nowdays, many people think when he has repented but in his heart, there's no bit of guilt even when committing sins. What the heck?

Our law.

I want to share to everyone about these things. This method is the best method for us to improve ourselves and the best way to make us no longer tempted committing sins. I call this as: "The way to manipulate the devils."

In this way, as if the satan would "incite" us to leave sins (supposedly). The trick is WE JUDGE OURSELF after committing vices and sins!

Yeah. We all knew that satan would tell us to do things that hurt us and rewarding him. So, when we committing sin, it hurt us and please the satan! But, if we judge ourselves, it is very effective! Let me explain a way to manipulate satan:

1) We determined, each time we commit a sin, we will punish ourselves with a good charity. For example, we target:

"Every time I suck cigarette, I will read the quran 1 constituents!"
"If I see the video is not good, I will alms RM50 at the mosque and then I will fast three days!"
"If I'm not going congregation dawn prayers at the mosque, I will fine myself to read religious books of 100 pages!"

2) When we punish ourselves by the law, then the satan will begin to doubt whether we do not commit sins or not. Because if he tempts us to suck cigarette, he knew that we would fine ourselves by reading the quran 1 constituent. Reading one constituent of the quran is very detrimental to the satan and increase our faith multiplied!

3) In the Arabic language, this way is called "Iqob" which means "fine". That's what the companions do! I'll story a few examples of IQOB that the companions do:

"There's a companion, while he was praying at the garden, suddenly in the middle of the prayer, he saw a bird and the bird cause he is not humble. After performing prayers, his friend noticed that he was not humble and he regretted. Thus, he contribute the garden to the Muslims!"

4) I want to advance any evidence, how effectively this way! So that the satan would incited us to leave sin! How valuable the law when we fine ourselves every time we commit sins!
Do not commit overt sins!

Seriously this thing do take note. For once when we commit a blatant sin, it means that we are very proud committing sins and that is the beginning of self destruction! I guess everybody knows what is a sin. I just want to sample some of the common sins that people frequently do without guilt.

1) Firstly, ikhtilat. But the problem is, nowdays, a lot of people know but proudly chatting in cyberspace outright as a comment "hahahah", tweeting on twitter with bravely mention names, comment on instagram and others. What? Is this a smart, macho yet sweet friends?
If you can't control the ikhtilat, do not commit it outright. Please, feel ashamed ppl know the vices that we do. If you really want to commit, please in private messages, direct messages and the same thing with it (even though it is wrong). The point is, feeling ashamed when committing sins.
2) Secondly, watching a movie and listening lagha song. Do we need to tell others about the lagha song? Whereas we already knew the law of listening Kpop songs, Justin bieber, lady gaga, and berates oriented songs illegally. We already knew!
But why we are proud to tell people that we are listening to the laghasongs? For example on twitter:

"#Nowplaying Wrecking Ball // Miley Cyrus."
"#Nowplaying Gangnam Style // PSY."
"#Nowwatching Titanic."
If you can not leave lagha songs and movies, do not tell others and feel shy! If you want to to it, please do it unaccompanied.

I am very appealing, please taste the guilt and shame. Take care and do not tell others of our embarassment. Allah has kept our embarrassment. Why do we must tell others about the sins that we do?
The irony is the best way to leave dices is to do good deeds as much as possible with istiqamah. Please salah.. Never leave it. I'm very appealing!

Start from now, familiarize yourself with prayer, start familiarized yourself with the Quran, wet your tongue with remembrances of Allah. And please, find friend who can support you for your changes and chatting with them. Follow them tarbiyyah and usrah, it is the centerpiece of our faith in order to be safe!

I'm sure, a lot of people who want to change. Stay strong, to keep the spirit, move forward, move on. Do not mind what people say, du'a to Allah! I believe that we can. Once we are able to change, we will crying joy, tears of gratitude and tears of happiness of His favors. And we will repent sadly and laugh to ourselves...because it is strange for us us who love committing sins as if it is very painful.

I'll pray for you all. And I want to seek your favor, please pray for me. May Allah reward us Jannah. Ameen. ◕‿◕

JazakumuAllah hu Khairan for reading this.
May We All In The Grace of God

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