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Friday, 31 August 2012

| Better try than not |

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As per usual my day wasnt complete without checking my FB,Twitter, and Tumblr. But now its kind of dull with Facebook, oh well maybe because i'm being 'timelined'! Lets leave my fb point behind, what i want to share with u guys is one of the most wonderful Q&A that I came across in Tumblr.Anonymous ask one of the person that I've been following
Whats the point of wearing the hijab if you're going to show your hair?
Wow..if im at her place and get this question from anon I would be super shocked and embarrassed at the same time, and 99% I will ignore this question. But thankfully its not me. The person answered:
thank you for your concern. hijab isn’t just about showing your hair..there’s much more to it, I don’t think that just bc I don’t cover every single little piece of my hair then i won’t get any credit for choosing to wear it for Allah. my favorite motto is that it’s better to try than not try at all so as long as my intentions for wearing hijab are sincere, then i’ll continue to wear hijab. maybe not in the “100% manner” but that’s something i’m still working on.. i’m not a perfect person.

see? we can expect to change 100% fully on the spot..changes needs its transition. It is enough if the person has a good intention and keep on striving to to fix his or herself. Some of us still searching for ourself, we keep saying I want to change for the better! well then...put some initiative to it!

remember the story of assassin who killed 99 guys and want to seek for repentance? He met a pious person and ask whether Allah will forgive him. Unfortunately for him the guy said Allah wont forgave killer. Next thing, the pious man become his 100th victim.
Then he ask the next pious man, this time he gets a 'maybe' answer, that included if he go to a town where all people devoted to Allah.
Unfortunately the man is dead before he could reach the town. Thus, came down two angels which Mikael and Izrael. One said "this guy are on his way to seek repentance from Allah"
then Izrael said "but he didnt do anything good yet".
And these two angels stated the problem to Allah, whether this guy will enter Jannah or Jahannam. Thus, Allah sent down the third angel to measure the distance between the town and his body. It turns out that the guy is close enough to the town. And Angel of rahmah taken care of his spirit, lastly Allah accept his repentance.

As long as your niat is sincere, then InsyaAllah Allah will accept you.
Change is hard, but it is not impossible, ya?
But sometimes I quite suspect those who said "yes..I will change for good,gave me some times"
________________________few years later_____________________
nothing has changed! I mean come on...yes it took time, but not that long, better act swiftly before your mind change once again. Keep the consistency! if not, then dont say what u didnt mean..but say what u actually mean..time waits for no one,surely enough u should make up your mind.
I dont want and dont mean to pin point at anybody.


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